4333-46 AVE. SE CALGARY, AB T2B 3N5

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The Evolution of Arkon Solutions


For 35+ years, Arkon Solutions has been re-inventing itself to continually innovate, grow, and, meet industries ever changing needs.

The 1980's


Brine-Add Fluids Ltd was formed when the Canadian assets of TBC Brinadd (Houston) were purchased by a group of investors.  Brine-Add Fluids begins to manufacture and distribute products for drilling, work-over and completion fluids under license from TBC Brinadd.


Brine-Add Fluids moves out of space provided by Marvelite Industries and establishes Office, Plant & Lab facilities at 6204-D 30th Street, SE,Calgary, AB.


Company set up as 2 divisions. Brine-Add Fluids & Chem-Add Enterprises.  The mainstay of the business is Drilling fluid additives for the oil and gas business and some toll manufacturing.
The 1990's


Brine-Add Fluids Ltd. implements a Quality Management System (QMS) which is ISO 9001 certified.  ISO certification has been maintained to the present time. Most recent audit was for certification to the current ISO 9001:2015 standard.


Brine-Add Fluids creates a chemical distribution subsidiary named Synerchem International Inc.  Brine-Add/Synerchem have an agreement with Rhone-Poulenc for the distribution of oilfield chemicals in Western Canada.  At the time, this was a major coup for a relatively small company and was a springboard for future expansion of the company.


Brine-Add Fluids builds a new Office, Plant and Lab (Building A) complete with bulk storage facilities and a Flammable Room at 4333 –46 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB.  This becomes the liquid products plant.  The 30th Street Plant becomes known as the Powder Plant.
The 2000's


Brine-Add begins manufacturing products used in hydraulic fracturing fluids for Calfrac.  Technology comes from both Calfrac (Chemergy Lab) and Brine-Add Fluids Labs.  Plant capacity is expanded rapidly to meet demand.


Brine-add doubles the size of the Liquid blending plant when Building B (identical in size to Building A) is built to accommodate the company’s growth.


COR safety program implemented by Brine-Add Fluids.  Company has maintained a COR safety certificate since 2004.
The 2010's


Brine-Add purchases Building G at the south end of the property.  Additional warehouse space is required due to the growth in business.  The company still manufactures specialty oilfield chemical products but is gradually becoming more of a distributor of commodity products used in hydraulic fracking.


Engenium Chemicals is formed by the amalgamation of Brine-Add Fluids & Synerchem Int’l Inc.


Building C built as a flammable storage warehouse to address the indoor storage requirements for flammable products and meet the ever-changing regulatory requirements for storage of such goods.  At the same time the Lab was expanded to accommodate the Flow Loop, a major piece of equipment to support the sale of friction reducer products used in hydraulic fracking.


Atrium joining buildings A & B is completed.


The collapse of the world oil price in 2014 had a major negative impact on Engenium’s business, as sales plummeted.  The result was a drastic reduction in the number of employees needed to run the business.  Engenium was forced to reduce the number of employees from 150 to less than 75.  This was one of the most painful and heart-breaking events in the company’s history.
The 2020's


Engenium receives a Transport Canada certificate for the Leak test and inspection of Intermediate Bulk Storage Totes (IBC’S).


Engenium Chemicals (2020) Corp is formed.


Engenium was rebranded as Arkon Solutions.  With a new brand, new team, and new innovations, the next chapter of the story began.