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Arkon Solutions Unveils New Brand and Strategic Direction

Arkon Solutions rebrands; transforming and positioning ourselves for growth with a new vision, focus and direction for the company

Calgary, AB — March 31, 2021 — Arkon Solutions (formerly Engenium Chemicals) has launched a new brand identity, reflecting the company’s diverse offering and wide spectrum of capabilities, revealing a new and exciting corporate direction. Arkon Solutions builds on the company’s legacy and reinvents itself for the future.

Under new ownership we have undertaken rebranding to highlight a new beginning for the organization. We are a new organization under new ownership as of March 2021. We have a new and different business approach of honesty, transparency and respect. We are changing the way we do business to serve you better.

The new branding aligns with a significant transformation across the organization and represents a commitment to delivering the most complete and clear understanding of moving forward — Formulating the Future™.

Arkon Solutions’ Formulating the Future™ is powered by chemical innovators — our Research & Innovation team will be at the head of developing unique and innovative product solutions for our business partners and clients. The R&I team will play a key part in working with all aspects of various departments to help move the idea of a strong and spirited innovative company with imagination and creativity for finding solutions for the problems of our customers.


The vision is to put forward and image of creativity, product integrity, technological oriented, environmental benefits, unique market strategy, and public awareness of bringing innovative products forward for specific markets.


New elements of the brand identity include revamped company name, logo, colors, and purpose. Together, they signal the company’s evolution and signify leadership in forward-thinking chemical solutions.

Name/Logo: Our name is representative of our leadership, and it is also an acronym representing key characteristics of how we operate and function.

A = Attitude
R = Respect
K = Knowledge
O = Opportunity
N = Nimble

The Arkon Solutions “A” symbol signifies “Conquering Obstacles and Seizing Opportunities for Peak Performance.” The symbol is drawn on an isometric grid system and optimized for use at all scales.


“A” Symbol Construction:


Color palette: Our dynamic and energetic new color palette represents our diverse professional family achieving excellence with a spectrum of solutions.

Vision Statement: We are the supplier of choice in providing diverse chemical solutions across the Americas, Asia, the Middle Eastern, and European Markets.

Brand statement: Arkon Solutions is recognized for its leadership in innovation, technology, product integrity, and marketing strategies in the evolving chemistry market.


Our new identity embodies the renewed sense of purpose and energy across the company, that embraces change, innovation, and solves the industry’s biggest challenges.

We are excited for 2024, which is a milestone year for Arkon Solutions, as the company will be celebrating 40 years in the global chemical marketplace. The new Arkon Solutions identity will be showcased across all communications and consumer touchpoints moving forward.

About Arkon Solutions

Operating in the global chemical marketplace, Arkon Solutions innovates the most complete chemical solutions through an advanced in-house Research & Innovation laboratory. Arkon Solutions are Chemical Innovators Formulating the Future™

Arkon Solutions is celebrating 40 years in the chemical industry and 5 years under new management in 2024. For more information, visit